We’ll handle everything.
All you have to do is drive.

Easy to apply. No Credit Check. $1000 down.

“Everyone at AVVA was committed to help me. The application process was easy to navigate and AVVA was with me every step of the way.”

– Dylan S.

All these perks in one monthly membership

  1. Insurance

    You don’t have to worry about managing your car insurance anymore. We provide and manage your insurance plan — no more paper bills, no more hassle.
  2. Warranty & Maintenance

    Never sure when to book maintenance? At AVVA we work with you to plan and schedule your maintenance. That headache is gone for good.
  3. At-home Oil Changes

    You never have to leave your house or office again for an oil change. We hate having to waste time at car appointments, so we’re giving that time back to you.
  4. Roadside Assistance

    24/7 roadside assistance at your fingertips. If you ever need help, our around-the-clock team will be there to assist you.
  5. Tires & Brakes

    Tires and brakes are important to the well-being of your vehicle. We monitor these for you and make sure you get the right updates at the right time.
  6. Complete Warranty

    At AVVA, we have your back. All of our vehicles are covered by a comprehensive warranty that will ensure you get the service you need, when you need it.

Have an Out-Of-Dealership Experience

“When my car was due for an oil change, AVVA came to my office and took care of it. I love that I don’t have to take time out of my day for car maintenance!”

– Steven

Which Way Do You Want To Go?

All AVVA vehicles are latest models and arrive with one amazing price. Let’s take a look at how the savings stack up with AVVA…

Average Estimated Savings Annually with AVVA


*View Pricing Disclosure
Service Traditional
Car Payment $702.48 Included
Insurance $200.90 Included
Extended Warranty $63.73 Included
Maintenance $84.80 Included
Tire Protection $23.34 Included
GAP Insurance $17.51 Included
Road Side Assistance $4.92 Included
VIP Services Not Included Included
Special Perks Not Included Included
Monthly Cost $1,097.68 $899.00
Disclosure: Based on a 2022 Honda HR-V (6 actual miles), Black Book estimated average retail value of $27,800 including sales tax of 6.25%, Texas title and registration fees, 75,000 mile extended vehicle service contract, tire/wheel protection, GAP insurance financed over a 48-month term with zero down. Auto insurance based on cost of ownership for 2022 Honda HR-V for driver with a good driving record. Maintenance/Servicing costs based on estimated cost of ownership for 48-months amortized monthly. Extended Warranty vehicle service contract, tire/wheel protection and GAP insurance based on industry sources of pricing at retail dealer amortized monthly over 48 months and included in vehicle financing contract. Road side assistance based on AAA basic plan amortized monthly. Interest rates based on a used vehicle purchase and FICO score range for rates as of September 2022 (FICO 700 – 749 at 4.58%), (FICO 600 – 699 at 5.69%) per cars.usnews.com auto loan interest rates.

Innovative Customer Service

We Go Further For You

You name the time. You pick the place. You call the shots. When it comes to getting your car serviced, AVVA comes to you for tire replacements, oil changes and more. It’s just one more way that we continue to drive home the best customer experience. Anywhere.
Man talking on the phone in a car
Man rolling tire in a workshop
Oil being poured into a engine
Plenty of Green trees and a road with a car

Operation Green Light

Drive with a Zero Carbon Footprint

Here’s to better wheels for a better world. At AVVA, we go the extra mile for our planet by donating dollars each month to offset your vehicle’s carbon footprint. Planting more trees. Boosting renewable energy. Supporting a host of eco-friendly programs dedicated to a sustainable future.

AVVA's Recent Deliveries!

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