Low Price.

AVVA is replacing the traditional dealership. We deliver your vehicle with one simple payment that includes:

  • Full Insurance
  • Oil Changes & Maintenance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Tire Replacement
  • Complete Warranty
  • Other Rewards and Benefits

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We’re Reinventing the Deal

Get all of the above and save your hard-earned money and your valuable time! 

  • Car Payment
  • Insurance
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Tire Protection
  • Roadside Assistance
AVVA – Driven to be Different
All included in one payment

Have an Out-Of-Dealership Experience

“We took a long look at everything that wasn’t working with traditional car dealerships. And then, well, we fixed it.”

Steven David, CEO, AVVA
Had challenges getting approved with dealerships in the past?

You’ll be happy to know AVVA doesn’t really look at your credit score. We’re not focused on where you’ve been in the past, it’s about where you’re headed. And we want to help you get there.

More Power

Welcome To A Departure

We’re paving the way with a fresh alternative to traditional car ownership, featuring an all-inclusive subscription that covers everything for the road ahead.

Open road surrounded by trees headed towards a snowcapped mountain

More Freedom

Peace of Mind Comes Standard

That means no more hassles trying to get the right insurance, or ever being surprised with those costly unexpected repairs. Just pick out a car and drive.

Couple on the open road with the sun shining and the car's top down

More Control

No More Dealing
With Dealerships

Here at AVVA, our philosophy is to take out the middleman so you can save on your ride from top to bottom. (Like up to $3,000 a year.)

Man holding a phone with the AVVA application open looking for a new car

More Confidence

Driver Approved

With AVVA, you can get approved for membership so much easier than going to a traditional dealership.

More You

Ride On. Ride On.

Enjoy access to a variety of the latest makes and models — and move forward with a vehicle that fits your lifestyle. Delivered straight to your door.

Two Women Sitting in the back of a car talking

Destination Next

On The Road To Innovation

AVVA is always focused on what’s coming next around the corner. Created by a team of forward-thinking minds with heart and passion for innovation, we have our course charted to lead the way in only one direction. The future.

Learn More
Plenty of Green trees and a road with a car

Operation Green Light

Drive a zero carbon footprint.

Here’s to better wheels for a better world. At AVVA, we go the extra mile for our planet by donating dollars each month to offset your vehicle’s carbon footprint. Planting more trees. Boosting renewable energy. Supporting a host of eco-friendly programs dedicated to a sustainable future.

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