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At AVVA, we believe the only thing you should have to do is just drive. That’s why our vehicles are equipped with technology to make your life easier one mile at a time. Letting you know when to schedule that next oil change. Helping you plan the way for your next road trip. Making sure you always stay moving in the right direction.

Simple Is The New Smart

The AVVA App Keeps You In Touch (COMING SOON!)

  • Make Payments & Track History
  • Schedule Maintenance & Service
  • View Upcoming Scheduled Services
  • Receive Helpful Reminders & Alerts
  • Share Any Incidents With Insurance
  • Contact Support & Provide Feedback

Innovative Customer Service

We Go Further For You

You name the time. You pick the place. You call the shots. When it comes to getting your car serviced, AVVA comes to you for tire replacements, oil changes and more. It’s just one more way that we continue to drive home the best customer experience. Anywhere.
Man talking on the phone in a car
Man rolling tire in a workshop
Oil being poured into a engine

“Our wheels are always turning to findnew ways of making your life easier.”

TAMARA BOOZELL, Vice President of Operations

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