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The Future Has Arrived

Welcome to the future of car shopping — where the road ahead leaves dealers behind with an innovative new process that puts the power directly in your hands. Eliminating the haggle and hassle you’ve always hated. Helping you save with one streamlined payment you’ll love. That’s the AVVA way.

At AVVA, we have completely reimagined the traditional dealership experience. That means No more playing games with those tricky sales managers. That means no more going back and forth on costs until you can’t take it anymore. Instead, we give you a fair price that’s so low you don’t have to worry about negotiating. Period.

The More You Learn, The More You Love.

Get ready for an experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

  • More Quick

    Select the car that’s perfect for you and be done shopping in minutes.

  • More Convenient

    Have a fresh car delivered straight to your door within a few days.

  • More Affordable

    Find pricing efficiencies at every turn and save up to thousands each year.

Which Way Do You Want To Go?

All AVVA vehicles are latest models and arrive with one amazing price. Let’s take a look at how the savings stack up with AVVA…

Average Estimated Savings Annually with AVVA


Early Access *View Pricing Disclosure
Service Traditional
Car Payment $457.78 Included
Insurance $103.00 Included
Extended Warranty $98.43 Included
Maintenance $72.92 Included
Tire Protection $31.25 Included
GAP Insurance $20.73 Included
Road Side Assistance $3.17 Included
VIP Services Not Included Included
Special Perks Not Included Included
Monthly Cost $787.28 $605.00
Disclosure: Based on a 2019 Chevrolet Cruz 5DR 1LT (37,657 miles), Black Book estimated clean retail value of $17,100 including sales tax of 6.25%, Texas title and registration fees, 100,000 mile extended vehicle service contract, tire/wheel protection, GAP insurance financed over a 48-month term. Auto liability insurance based on Edmunds cost of ownership for 2019 Chevrolet Cruz. Maintenance/Servicing costs based on Edmunds estimated cost of ownership for 48-months amortized monthly. Extended Warranty vehicle service contract, tire/wheel protection and GAP insurance based on industry sources of pricing at retail dealer amortized monthly over 48 months. Road side assistance based on AAA basic plan amortized monthly. Interest rates based on a used vehicle purchase and FICO score range for rates as of July 2020 (FICO 700 – 749 at 5.26%), (FICO 600 – 699 7.32%) and (FICO 450 – 599 19.02%) per cars.usnews.com auto loan interest rates.

“AVVA provides our customers an exciting new avenue to getting into a car they can afford to love.”

Scott A. Barnes, CFO, AVVA
Plenty of Green trees and a road with a car

Operation Green Light

Drive a zero carbon footprint.

Here’s to better wheels for a better world. At AVVA, we go the extra mile for our planet by donating dollars each month to offset your vehicle’s carbon footprint. Planting more trees. Boosting renewable energy. Supporting a host of eco-friendly programs dedicated to a sustainable future.

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