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  • AVVA Membership Registration and Approval
    I have a previous personal bankruptcy. How does that affect my AVVA membership application

    Life doesn't always go as planned. AVVA understands & desires to empower you to be successful in all facets of life! If it has been more than five (5) years since your personal bankruptcy and you can demonstrate stable income now, you are eligible for an AVVA membership. We'd be thrilled to have you as part of the AVVA family!

  • AVVA Membership Registration and Approval
    I recently started a new job or switched jobs. What documents can I provide for proof of income?

    Congratulations! Simply submit your current and prior job information and we will do a review of your bank account records will verify your eligibility.

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    If I pay cash for my vehicle, when will I receive my title?

    If you purchased a vehicle from AVVA, you should receive proof of registration and title approximately 30 days from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. 

  • Vehicle Delivery
    Is there a delivery fee?

    There is a $299 non-refundable delivery fee for all vehicles.

  • AVVA Membership Registration and Approval
    My legal name has recently changed and no longer matches my driver’s license. Is that OK?

    If you are changing your legal name in the state of Texas, you are required to make a change of name on your Texas drivers license. We can help you by directing you to the following link so you can make the change and become an AVVA member. https://www.dps.texas.gov/driverlicense/changes.htm

  • AVVA Membership Registration and Approval
    What are my options if I do not like my vehicle when it is delivered?

    You have seven (7) days to return the vehicle under your membership contract and an allowance of 100 miles on the vehicle for a full refund of your deposit and cancellation of your contract.

  • AVVA Membership Registration and Approval
    What documents and information do I need to provide for the registration process?

    You will need to provide basic information such as name, phone, and email + SSN, an image of your drivers license current auto insurance provider (if applicable), current insurance policy number (if applicable), proof of residency, proof of employment, an active debit card + consent to a background check.

  • Vehicle Delivery
    What geographic location does AVVA Serve?

    At this time, the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

  • Vehicle Delivery
    What happens at delivery?

    AVVA will deliver your vehicle to your home or office for your inspection and signature for acceptance of delivery. Our Delivery Associate will also help link up your phone with your car provided your phone is ready and able to do so.

  • Other
    What if I move shortly after receiving my AVVA vehicle?

    We know that moving is more than just boxes! We're here to help during this time. You simply need to update your contact details and physical address with AVVA by calling us at 855-508-AVVA.

  • AVVA Membership Registration and Approval
    What is my out-the-door price?

    $1,299. A $1,000 refundable deposit plus a $299 non-refundable delivery fee for the vehicle. Your first monthly payment will be due 30-days following the day you sign your AVVA Member Agreement.

  • AVVA Membership Registration and Approval
    What is proof of residence?

    This means we are making sure you live where you state you live.

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    What is the difference between income verification and employment verification?

    We need to know that the money we are basing our underwriting decision on is based on a job because that tells us that we can count on that income consistently.

  • AVVA Membership Registration and Approval
    When is my first payment due on my vehicle?

    Your first monthly payment is due 30-days after you sign your Member Agreement.

  • Vehicle Inventory and Search
    Where are AVVA vehicles located?

    All AVVA vehicles are located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex area.

  • Vehicle Inventory and Search
    Where does AVVA get its vehicles?

    In order to ensure all vehicles have been properly maintained and kept to the highest standards of care; AVVA sources its new and 6 to 36 month vehicles through major car rental companies and other reliable channels.

  • AVVA Membership Registration and Approval
    Why do I need to provide AVVA access to my bank account to obtain approval?

    By allowing access, we can make approval decisions faster. At AVVA, we do not rely on FICO scores and credit checks for membership approval. Rather than looking at your past credit, we look at our member's current and future ability to maintain their membership commitment. Through our strategic partner DecisionLogic, we analyze your historical bank records through a secured and safe process to confirm household income and financial standing.

  • Vehicle Delivery
    Will I need to interact with the delivery advocate in person?

    We are so excited to meet you! The well-being of all AVVA family members is important to us. We respect the necessity of social distancing & will adhere to those protocols during the delivery process. When the car is delivered to you, you will need to sign off on a final inspection document and odometer statement prior to obtaining the keys to your vehicle.

  • Vehicle Delivery
    Will my license plates arrive with the vehicle?

    Your permanent license plates will be mailed or delivered to you within 30-days from the start of your membership.

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